2018 Points are updated through the November 3rd-4th TVHSA Championship Horse Show at Camelot

Please review your points carefully. If you have any questions regarding points use our Points Inquiry Form to send a message to TVHSA.













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Please note that the final authority for TVHSA points is what you see listed on our website. Any information posted on any other site (such as horseshowtime.com) does not count for TVHSA standings. Also, please note the following points clarification information regarding a rider who competes on more than one horse: if a rider competes on two horses in a Hunter class, and both horses place, then both horses receive their points, but the rider receives ONLY the higher-pointed horse's points on that particular day for the Year-End Division High Point Award.


NOTE: The points will show when a member has ridden but did not receive any points.  This will be represented by a 0 (zero).

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